Beyond Oil 2020: Keynote event with James Woodburn and James Allen

How to Grab Your Stake in the Great Energy Switchover
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Welcome to day three of the Beyond Oil conference. It really is great to have you with us, for this keynote event.

So far this week, our speakers have described some of the enormous changes the energy transition is likely to bring…

They’ve shown you what a world ‘beyond oil’ looks like. How it could change the way we work, power our homes, drive our cars…and more.

And you’ve seen that this isn’t something taking place 20 years from now. This is happening…right now.

As we’ve shown you over the past few days, the energy transition has bipartisan government support, across much of the developed world.

Large parts of the corporate community are behind it. And significant investment capital is beginning to mobilise.

If you’ve taken on board everything you’ve watched and read this past week or so…you’ll understand that the shift away from fossil fuels, to a cleaner, greener alternative…is beginning to reshape the world.

And we believe this transition is going to accelerate from here. Not just because renewable energy is rapidly becoming cheaper and more efficient than fossil fuels…

Not just because the technology that drives clean energy — particularly battery storage — is becoming more advanced and more widespread…

But because of the political will that’s building behind this development… A force that has grown stronger since the coronavirus crisis first hit the developed world, back in February.

As oil demand dropped through the floor, governments seized their opportunity to get behind major initiatives in renewable energy — and reduce both their carbon output and their dependence on overseas oil.

This is where the money is coming from

And that’s why we say: As investors, the time to get involved is now.

You get the feeling — don’t you? — that we’re standing on the cusp of a major, major disruption…one that drives to the very heart of how the world’s economies…and societies…operate.

And if you know anything about major industrial and technological disruptions, you’ll understand that they tend to generate GIANT capital flows…

Billions and, in this case, trillions of dollars — an estimated US$95 trillion, that needs to find a home between now and 2050.

Now, none of this is new to you.

If you’ve been watching this week, and reading some of our pre-conference material, we’ve gone into great detail on the big picture.

In fact, it’s a HUGE picture. And it’s emerging now, for all to see, regardless of your politics or your environmental leanings.

In today’s event, we’re going to take all of that as read.

And we’re going to show you how to INVEST in the energy transition, while you’re still far enough ahead of the curve to make a potentially significant impact to your wealth.

In fact, by the end of this keynote event, you will have an extremely promising renewable energy stock recommendation — for free — that you can act on right away. Keep watching for more details on that.

Now, to really understand what I mean when I say ‘significant impact to your wealth’, let me show you a few charts…while I make a couple of quick points.

Here’s the first one:

This chart is from Visual Capitalist. Okay, it looks pretty busy, but what it shows is the power of investing at the beginning of a global energy disruption or transition.

In this case, the shift away from coal to oil.

So, Standard Oil — which is probably the world’s most famous oil company — was founded by John D Rockefeller in 1870. Now imagine having a stake in Standard Oil at this time…just as oil was taking off…

In fact, in 1911, the oil industry was growing so quickly, the US Supreme Court ruled that Standard — the biggest player — had to be broken up.

But it didn’t have the desired effect of dissolving Standard’s power base. Coal’s influence was beginning to recede, and the oil industry was starting to explode.

As you can see, the separate divisions of Standard Oil went on to grow and acquire many of the other major oil firms in the US, creating what we call the ‘Big Oil’ companies today.

You can see them to the very right of the chart.

So here’s the point: This is what I mean when I say you could make a ‘significant impact on your wealth’…

Having a stake in Standard Oil, right at the birth of the modern oil industry, could have left you and your family owning some of the biggest energy companies of the 20th century…

In fact, some of the biggest companies of the last 100 years, full stop.

These companies dominated the stock market throughout the era of globalisation, which they helped to facilitate.

Here, I’ll show you…

This is Chevron’s stock price chart going back to 1970…

Here’s Exxon’s chart:

And here’s BP’s…

These are EPIC share price rises spanning FIVE decades.

Okay, the price goes up and down from year to year.

But look at the trend. The megatrend…

For the energy companies responsible for powering our homes, travel and transport…it’s been more than 50 years of unbelievable growth.

This — right here — shows you what can happen when you invest at the beginning of a huge energy disruption.

And that’s where I believe we are right now.

Do we believe that a handful of small, barely known renewables firms could become the ‘oil majors’ of 2030 and beyond?

Absolutely. We wouldn’t be here otherwise.

If you think that sounds farfetched, let me quickly flash up those charts again — and this time I want you to pay attention to the far-right of each graph…

Look at the red circle here on Chevron’s chart…

Now look at Exxon…

And finally, BP…

The red circle is where we are now.

Earlier this year, the oil market crashed when the coronavirus pandemic landed in the developed world.

The International Energy Agency says that the pandemic lockdown reduced global demand by an estimated 29 million barrels a day.

Oil majors’ share prices — well, you can see here — got CREAMED.

According to The Washington Post:

During what are normally busy driving months of April, May and June, BP lost $16.8 billion, Exxon netted $1.1 billion in losses and Chevron — the Dow’s last remaining oil firm — shed $8.3 billion.

Many people now believe the oil industry is done for…



In terminal decline…pushing a dirty product the world no longer wants…


…at a price that’s uncompetitive…


…to a market with different needs and desires.


Even the oil industry itself appears to know its time is up

In June, BP wrote down assets to the tune of US$17.5 billion. The company’s CEO, Bernard Looney, told the Financial Times in May:

I don’t think we know how this is going to play out. I certainly don’t know. Could it be peak oil? Possibly. I would not write that off.

Trouble is, investors aren’t prepared to wait around for this to ‘play out’. They can see that the writing is on the wall for fossil fuels.

And, as I just showed you, they’re getting out now — freeing up their capital to hunt for bigger and better returns.

If you want proof that investors are rapidly losing interest in big oil companies, take a look at this chart from Pickering Energy Partners… See here — you can now fit all the major oil companies in the world inside of Apple’s market cap.

You’ve got to remember: Exxon was the most valuable company in the world back in 2013.

Seven years later, it’s not even listed on the Dow.

In fact, in 2020, the largest utility company in the world is a SOLAR AND WIND FIRM — NextEra Energy.

According to Forbes, had you invested in NextEra a decade ago, your total return up to 3 October this year, including dividends, would have been 600%.

That’s a phenomenal return.

In contrast, had you invested in Exxon a decade ago, your share value would have declined by half.

Add in the dividends, and the total 10-year return of ExxonMobil is MINUS 25%.

That would have been unthinkable 10 years ago.

And yet, here we are

And if that STILL doesn’t give you a good idea of where capital is headed FROM, and where it’s headed TO, let me show you one last chart…

It’s one that you may well have seen, because we’ve referred to it a lot these past few days.

But it really does show you where the energy sector is now…and where it could be heading over the next few years…

Now, this is a forecast — so you have to take it as that. We can’t guarantee the future will turn out exactly like this. I can only tell you that it’s based on the extrapolation of hard demand data.

Data gathered by none other than Shell — one of the biggest of the ‘big oil’ giants. Which now — frankly — must be thinking about diversifying its business interests!

It basically maps existing demand curves for fossil fuels and renewables…and uses that data to forecast out to the end of this century.

See that red circle?

That’s where we are now — 2020.

They call it ‘the knee of the curve’…the moment just before exponential growth.

Stop and look at it for a moment.

Yes, it’s a forecast.

No, it’s not a crystal ball.

But it’s the clearest indication I’ve ever seen that the age of oil could be over…and we’ve arrived at the ‘lift-off point’ for renewable energy.

As an investor, what more incentive do you need to get involved?

Well, maybe this is a good point to bring in my co-host, James Allen.

James is the former head of a major energy market bureau in New York…

For several years before that, he was a leading analyst on the power markets desk at Platts in London…

…and now he’s chief energy strategist at Southbank Investment Research in the UK — where he finds and recommends clean and renewable energy stock plays for private investors.

James, welcome — and thanks for being here!


My pleasure, Woody. Very excited to be here today.


Now, we’re going to dive right into the investment implications of the great energy switchover — with James — in just a second…

But first, I want to remind everyone watching that, later on in this keynote event, you are going to get the details of James’s number one renewable energy stock.

This is a LIVE recommendation for you, for being part of our Beyond Oil conference. No strings attached, and no charge. It’s yours, just for being with us today.

It’s a solar stock he recommends you buy now and tuck away for the next decade.

In a few minutes, you’ll get the name of the stock, the stock code, the exchange it trades on, an entry price and buy limit — the full works.

So do keep watching, because those details are coming up.

Okay, now James — I’ve just given a fairly lengthy preamble on the demise of fossil fuels and the oil industry. But I don’t really want to dwell on that side of things…

Firstly because, well, I think we’ve made our point!

And secondly, I want this event to be forward looking and positive. The title, after all, is BEYOND Oil. And that’s where investors have a real opportunity, isn’t it?


Yeah, exactly.

I mean, it’s pretty clear to anyone willing to look that decarbonisation represents the most spectacular investment opportunity out there today. Really of our lifetimes.

We’ve seen a massive run up in stock market valuations that actually started a year or two ago, but the coronavirus has really accelerated that shift.

It’s unlike anything I’ve seen in the 10 or so years that I’ve been covering these markets as an energy analyst and journalist. Ten years ago, wind, solar and the like were really on the margins of the market.

They were really for the energy market ‘nerds’, but now it’s hit the mainstream.

The coronavirus has really kicked the energy switch into a completely different gear. And right now, energy transition is the biggest financial story out there — I think — by an absolute order of magnitude.

So, I think investors, they really need to recognise this.

You don’t really want to be sitting here in five, 10 years’ time watching this in the rear-view mirror and saying, ‘I really should have got in on this at the start’ because it’s happening right now.


Now, in a moment, we’re going to look at some individual stock plays — renewables companies that have been tearing it up…

Some that you’ve already recommended, James…and folks:

The performance of some of these stocks is just incredible

…and we’re going to talk about a handful of renewables stocks — four in particular — that you think are on the verge of big things.

We’ll cover all of this in just a second.

But first, can you give us some idea of the volume of capital that you think is headed into renewables worldwide…

…and how this is going to change the investment landscape?


Yeah, the volume of capital is unprecedented, really.

It’s unlike anything we’ve seen before in our lifetimes and [we’re] unlikely to see again.

The International Renewable Energy Agency estimated that US$95 trillion will be invested in clean energy between now and 2050, but actually that number could actually go as high as $110 trillion.

I mean, it’s just a ridiculous amount of money that is flying into this sector to solve, as I said before, the world’s most difficult pressing problem.

And I believe it’s going to change the investment landscape forever.

In fact, it’s not just me saying this.

Larry Fink, Chairman of BlackRock, which is a $6.5 TRILLION-dollar investment fund, says:

Climate change has become a defining factor in companies’ long-term prospectsI believe we are on the edge of a fundamental reshaping of finance.

Former Morgan Stanley vice president Deirdre Cooper agrees. She said, in October last year:

Decarbonisation is arguably the single biggest investment that the world has had to make in peacetime. The numbers dwarf any other possible investment opportunity today.

I mean, I can’t really put it any better than that!


And already, we’re starting to see some of this investment show up here in Australia…

There’s the $4.5 billion ‘Snowy 2.0’ hydroelectric development in New South Wales — currently the largest committed renewable energy project in Australia.

Its owners say it will provide enough electricity to power THREE MILLION Aussie homes every week — by 2025…

There’s the $16 billion ‘Sun Cable’ proposal — a project to build the world’s largest solar farm in the Northern Territory…which, when completed, will not only be visible from space, it will export clean energy — via undersea cable — to Asia.

That’s right, folks…

We could soon be sending our surplus electricity overseas to help other parts of the world decarbonise!

In fact, the World Wildlife Fund claims that Australia could be the world’s number one renewable energy EXPORTER by 2030, just 10 years from now.

Then there’s Tesla’s famous ‘big battery’ at Hornsdale, which most of our viewers will know about.

It’s barely three years old and already it’s picking up the slack when the South Australian grid drops out.

And now we hear that its operator, Neoen, is planning to build one that’s 10 times bigger — at Goyder South in South Australia.

This battery will be connected to a wind and solar farm 30,000 hectares in size — that’s the same as 15 THOUSAND cricket ovals — and its projected output will take South Australia’s energy mix close to 100% renewables…on its own.

Now you may not have realised it, but already half of South Australia’s power comes from renewable sources…

In Tasmania it’s 94%, which, I never knew, but they’ve been big into hydroelectricity for more than 100 years now.

And as recently as July, AEMO — the Australian Energy Market Operator — projected that, by 2035, almost 90% of our total electricity demand will be met by solar, wind and hydro.

Now, the debate here in Australia has always been over whether this renewable energy influx is ‘grid scale’. In other words, can our power grid handle it?

Well, AEMO says ‘yes’ — that the grid will be able to ‘safely accommodate up to 75% renewables by as soon as 2025.’

That’s just five years away!

James, I mean, I’ve just scratched the surface there, but it looks like Australia is further along in this low-carbon transition than most people think. Would you agree?



I mean, I’m sitting here now in grey and drizzly London, jealous of all the natural advantages you guys have in Australia!

You have lots of sun — which means lots of solar…lots of wind…and you have lots of experience in the hydro markets.

I don’t think Australian investors truly realise that you have the potential to get to net zero earlier than nearly any other country out there.

You could be a solar Saudi Arabia, exporting power to Asia and elsewhere.

I mean, it’s a really exciting time in Australia right now

I know that wind and solar recently supplied more than 50% of Australia’s main grid for more than three hours, for the first time ever, and that’s a really important landmark.

Right now, from what I can tell, you don’t really have a coherent energy policy. But even without that, your energy grid is still going green.

So that is a really exciting indication of where the land is lying.

Investors have a really good opportunity to do very well out of this shift. And if the politics are sorted out, then I can only just imagine what can happen there.

I’ve been lucky enough to go out to Australia many, many times, and I’ve seen a lot of solar panels on homes and roofs.

You don’t get that here in the UK for obvious reasons.

So the growth potential you have is absolutely phenomenal.

Australia’s always been held up as a landmark of what could be achieved in the green energy space.

I mean, we all know about the Hornsdale battery. That was the first huge battery project, which paired with intermittent wind power. And that has really proven to be a very exciting profitable enterprise.

It has allowed more profitable intermittent renewables to come onto the grid, because it allows power to be produced and released onto the grid when there’s no wind.

So Australia has all the advantages — and the world is watching!

Investors should realise that there’s lots of exciting things happening in your part of the world.

I know that First State, which is your second biggest super fund, announced recently that it was ditching thermal coal investments.

That is actually a HUGE statement.

Their CEO even said,

Climate change clearly poses the most significant risk to investment portfolios over the long term.

So there you have it. I mean, not only do you have a budding renewables industry down there, you also have an investment industry actively pivoting away from fossil fuel stocks.

That sends out a clear and important message that everyone watching should be picking up on.

The time is right.

There’s a huge opportunity for first movers in Australia.

And the investment landscape is as exciting as anywhere else in the world.


Now I know you believe that 2020 is a ‘pivotal year’ for renewables, and in fact you think that this year will go down in history as the year clean energy really took off…

So how has this been reflected in the stock prices of some of the renewable energy firms you’ve been covering for your readers?


So I’ve got something really interesting to show you, which is actually a reflection of what I’ve been talking about…

I run an investing service in the UK for private investors, and I believe it’s the only clean tech investment service in the UK.

We’ve seen absolutely phenomenal returns over the last few months.

I think you can see a chart up here…

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

That’s all our open positions. All the renewables and clean tech stocks in our live portfolio at the time that we’re recording this.

You can see that we’ve got some absolutely great returns on there.

But there’s a couple of things to explain.

First, this just shows you that there’s so much opportunity out there today. It’s a market teeming with optimism, not to mention cash of course.

And second…

If you get these picks right and you get your timing right, they can really fly up quickly

Let’s give you some examples.

The first one is an electric vehicle truck maker, based in the US.

It’s listed on the NASDAQ and it’s now up around 642% in the portfolio.

But I think there’s still a lot more to come.

It’s been on a great run. Loads of investor interest has flown into the MEV space.

This stock is in the running to win a huge contract from a government provider. This is a really exciting stock, and I love it.

The second one is a smaller clean tech firm, listed in Canada.

I recommended this stock about two years ago now and that’s up around 354%…

Again, I genuinely believe that we’re just getting started here.

This company just announced a really interesting deal with a partner firm… This firm was blown away by the impressive efficiency gains that this provider generated for them.

The third one you’ve got on the screen here is a UK battery tech stock…

Batteries are the next frontier of the renewables markets.

That’s where lots of investment is going…into longer ranging batteries, safer batteries. This company is really at the frontier of the next generation of batteries.

I recommended this only a few months ago now, and it’s already up 179%.

Again, I’m in no hurry to sell it. I think the company has a phenomenal future. The battery story’s only just getting started and people are only just cottoning on to the potential here.

The last one is a really exciting company, based quite near where I live right now. In fact, I’ve gotten to know the owner quite well.

So this company takes waste, garbage and plastic, that normally ends up in landfill or in the ocean, and it converts it into hydrogen. It has a really profitable business model and a hugely affluent partner.

They’re rolling out across the UK right now…and they’ve also got business interests out in Asia.

This stock is absolutely flying.

It’s already up around about 160%. And that’s only in the few months since I recommended it to my readers.

Now, as good as all this looks, there are two things investors need to remember…

First, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Yes, we’ve enjoyed some good returns so far. And yes, we’re massively optimistic and excited about this sector. But we don’t know what the future will bring for any of the stocks we invest in.

Second, this is a relatively new sector — full of new companies.

Their stock prices can be volatile and unpredictable.

We’re sitting on some losers in the portfolio, too… That’s to be expected when the stocks you’re buying are on the small side.

ALTHOUGH…I will say that our average open winner is more than three times bigger than our average open losing position right now!

So even taking into account the stocks that are currently down, the overall position’s looking very healthy, very encouraging…and there are tons of picks in the pipeline…


Yeah, and we’re going to come to that ‘pipeline’ very shortly.

There are NINE renewables stocks James wants to tell you about in this keynote, and we’ll get to those in a moment.

And of course, don’t forget that you’re about to get James’s number one renewable energy pick for the next 10 YEARS.

This is a solar stock…one to buy now and then tuck away in your portfolio until 2030.

This recommendation is FREE

No strings attached. All the details are coming up, so stick with us.

But just looking at some of these results… I don’t know about you, James, but to me this feels like you’re hitting the zeitgeist right now!

I mean, when you look at some of these entry dates, these look more like TRADING gains to me… Is the sector REALLY moving this quickly at the moment?



I mean, it’s a really exciting time right now, Woody.

Money is moving quickly. There’s so much interest.

And the stock market is starting to recognise just how fruitful and profitable this sector is right now.

It’s unlike anything that I’ve ever seen.

All my colleagues here in London, they can’t really believe what’s happening in the clean tech space, but it’s happening.


And to the folks watching, we’re going to show you how you can be a part of it, in an Australian first that I’m going to tell you about in a few minutes.

Okay, now I did say I wasn’t going to dwell on this…

…but what really drives home the opportunity in renewables, and why it feels SO timely…is looking at the dire performance of some of the ‘big oil’ stocks over the last year, while most of James’s portfolio was jumping up.

  • Exxon’s stock price is down -50% over the last 12 months…
  • Chevron is down -39%
  • BP’s stock price is down -54%
  • And Shell is down by -57%.

These are not insignificant falls!

Under most ‘normal’ circumstances, these four would be considered big, relatively stable blue-chip energy stocks…that you’d hold for years and years.

You’d typically see these types of big, hard falls in smaller and more volatile stocks.

To me, this just highlights how quickly the investment mindset appears to be changing, worldwide.

And it’s not just me saying it…or jumping on the poor performance of Big Oil to back up our argument for renewables. A decade-long study by Imperial College London found:

Publicly-traded renewable power portfolios have posted significantly higher returns for investors and lower volatility over fossil fuels during the past 10 years and during the COVID-19 crisis.


And Woody, I’ve been saying all along that I believe the NEXT phase of the energy transition will be EVEN MORE explosive…and I’m not the only one. Euronews says:

‘Coronavirus crisis fast-forwards green energy 10 years into the future’.

The World Economic Forum says:

‘COVID-19 is a game-changer for renewable energy.’


Actually, talking of ‘explosive’, let me quickly show you this chart. Check this out…

This is NOT your average stock chart!

It’s a Perth-based company called Piedmont Lithium whose share price did *THIS* on Monday, 28 September.

This was after Piedmont forged a binding agreement with none other than TESLA to provide spodumene concentrate from its mine in North Carolina.

Spodumene is a lithium source mineral — so this is a battery play, essentially.

But look…when this announcement hit the market, Piedmont’s shares jumped up 90% in a DAY. And this stock is listed right here on the Australian market!

I don’t know about you, James, but I think this is the best example of a ‘hockey stick’ chart I’ve ever seen!


Yeah, absolutely. It’s beautiful to look at!

But this is exactly what’s been going on over the last few months.

As I’ve said to you before, every single day it seems that there’s a new stock popping up as investors cotton on to the story…


Now obviously, they’re not all going to do this. In fact, I imagine that some of the renewables start-ups that emerge over the coming years will do the exact opposite.

But it just goes to show you:

Right sector, right stock, right time
— these types of events can happen

And there’s certainly a lot happening in renewable energy right now.

Like I said a moment ago, it feels like we’re hitting the zeitgeist.

And that’s historically THE BEST time to invest.

Now…I know you’re excited about two Australian clean energy stocks in particular right now, James. What can you tell us about them?


There are two stocks that I’m really, super excited about.

The first is in the hydrogen space.

Now, hydrogen is the story of 2020 so far and there’s a really interesting hydrogen stock play on the ASX.

It has enormous potential. Its technology converts natural gas into hydrogen and graphite, using iron ore as a catalyst.

That’s a ground-breaking and interesting technology, and of course hydrogen has enormous applications across the power sector, the heating sector, the industrial sector, the chemical sector, farming, and more.

One thing I can say is that we’re not going to reach our 2050 targets without hydrogen in the green energy mix. So this stock is right at the vanguard. It’s one of the few hydrogen stocks in Australia.

Australia, I think, has been a bit slow to cotton on to what’s been out there in the hydrogen space, really.

But if what’s happened overseas translates to Australia, we could see a huge run up in the valuation of this company in short order.

I’ve put all my research on this company into a report called Two Australian Clean Energy Stocks to Buy Now. You can download it today. Details coming up…

But that’s just the first Aussie clean energy stock I’m predicting big things for…

The second is a company I got to know very well over the last few years.

It’s an energy storage company based down in Adelaide, and I know the CEO and chairman very well.

They’ve got a novel way of taking surplus renewable power and selling it in the form of energy storage onto the grid when the grid needs it.

It’s quite an early-stage company, but they’ve got lots of big projects on the board right now.

Now obviously, Tesla is the well-known name in energy storage.

But this company is doing something similar. In fact, I believe it could ‘out-Tesla’ Tesla in the energy storage game.

It has a particular type of energy storage that costs a 10th of a lithium-ion battery to store the same amounts of energy…but it lasts two to three times as long.

And this technological breakthrough generates around 36 times as much energy as Tesla’s 14-kilowatt-hour ‘Powerwall’ lithium-ion home storage battery — in roughly the same space.

They’re targeting a market roughly two to three times the size of Tesla’s core market, because their technology has applications outside the power markets.

This is a really unique small company. I’ve been in touch with the management team a lot. They’re really, really impressive. And this is a pure Australian clean energy play — one I’ve been eyeing from over in London for a long time now.

Of course, there are no guarantees whatsoever. It’s a small-cap stock. It’s risky. It’s had quite a volatile journey.

But I think, if things really do pan out for this firm, as I believe they will, I can see this becoming a household name in the next 12 months or so.

Again, all the details you need to invest in this stock are in my brand-new investor report, called Two Australian Clean Energy Stocks to Buy Now.


Now, as James says, you’ll be able to download this report today. The two stocks he’s recommending are tiny, so this is really time-sensitive.

I’ll show you how you can get your hands on a copy very shortly.

But I want to be clear that we’re obviously not asking you to just trust James blindly when it comes to these Aussie clean energy stocks — or any others for that matter.

Like I keep saying, he knows this industry — and this market — better than most other analysts out there, because he’s been immersed in it for more than a decade.

But you need to keep in mind that these stocks — particularly the smaller ones — can be pretty risky.

You should be aware of that if you decide you want to get involved — and only invest with money that you could afford to lose in the worst-case scenario.

Now, don’t get me wrong — we’re not just going to leave you to your own devices!

James keeps close tabs on all of the stocks he recommends…watching for price-sensitive announcements…operational developments…new deals…key new hires…that kind of thing… And, of course, anything that could jeopardise your investment.

Let’s be clear. James’s goal in all this is…

To help you PROFIT from the transition to renewables

And while he happily calls himself a ‘green energy nerd’, he’s also a bloody good investment manager.

Let me show you what I mean…

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

So, this shows all of James’s CLOSED positions for his UK-based energy investment advisory service — that’s why we’re able to show you the company names this time.

I added the holding periods in here because I wanted you to see that — again…

These feel like TRADING returns

James is getting in and out pretty quickly, as you can see, and — in some cases — making fantastic returns.

I think that just illustrates the fast-moving nature of this market right now…and the fact that you really are investing in an emerging trend.

Of course, the conditions won’t always be this favourable for renewables investment…which is why we’re talking to you today.

But James, why don’t you talk us through some of your big wins here? And then I want to make an important point about the risks involved in this kind of investing…


As I said, Woody, it’s been a great time.

We sold quite a few stocks at a nice profit, which I guess just goes to show what’s possible when you invest in such an emerging, fast-moving trend as clean energy — and get your picks right, of course!

So let me just talk about a few of my closed positions, and then everyone watching can see how exciting this market is right now.

All of these stocks I’m about to show you closed within the last year, and all at nice profits…

The first is a company called ITM Power, a company in the hydrogen industry. Hydrogen, as I said a minute ago, is the big clean energy story of 2020 so far.

I recommended this in May last year, and we closed it out early on in our summer for an 838% gain…

That was a rapid gain. Some of our readers were very happy with that…


Actually, James, let me just read a couple of bits of reader email that your UK publisher sent to me earlier this week — about this particular trade…

The first one is from J.R. who says:

The performance of ITM Power has been nothing short of spectaculara couple of days ago I took some profits for a “real” gain of 200%, which is amazing, thank you.

The second is from a subscriber called Space Beagle — I’m guessing not his real name! But he writes…

In percentage terms, ITM Power plc is the most successful investment I’ve EVER made. Last week I sold a little under half my holding…realising a profit of 483%. It’s an understatement to say that I’m pleased.

And this is a good one from F.H. who writes:

I have comprehensively outperformed my financial advisor and I can’t wait to have a chat with him sometime…’

And this is just ONE of your recent recommendations… Let’s have a look at another…


Well, yeah, I’ve been lucky enough to be the recipient of lots of nice emails from my readers over the last few months. As I said, we’ve had some big winners, and this has been an exciting time.

But, yeah, the second stock I’d like to talk about is a company called Nikola Motor…

Now, Nikola Motor’s been in the news for various reasons, but actually I recommended it even before it was a company called Nikola Motor!

I tipped it in March this year as it was about to merge into an investment vehicle that was trading around $11.

And then we sold it — in two halves — for a net gain of 593%.

And actually, we timed that one really well, because since then, the valuation of Nikola has actually come down quite a bit.

So that was a really nice gain.

Many readers were happy with that one as well!

Okay, Woody, the third stock is a UK renewable company called Good Energy. This company is a renewable energy supplier.

This is a really nice small company, and, in fact, this was one of my early picks in my UK service. It had a really nice run up last year. And then we closed it out for a 131% gain.

Again, we timed that one pretty well, because that price has actually come off quite a lot since we got out.

But as a company, I still really like them. At some point, I can see me getting back into this stock.

Anyway, those are just a few of the stock stories that have worked out pretty well for my UK readers…

But let me reiterate that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

I’d love to own a crystal ball, but I don’t. So whenever I tip a renewables stock — especially one that’s on the smaller side — I always tell my members to only invest with money they can afford to lose, should the worst happen.


Actually, James, that brings me to a couple of important points.

And the first is that, even though I’ve said these look like trading service returns, this is not a market for punters to just wade into with their wallets out.

Not every renewables stock is going to go to the moon.

And in fact, so little is known about this sector — especially here in Australia — that taking a punt is probably the very last thing you should do.

To succeed in this market, you need to do your research…you need to understand what these companies are working on…and what they’re betting on…and you need to have a plan.

A plan for getting in at a good price…and, more importantly, a plan for getting OUT with money in your pocket when the stock has run out of steam, be that temporarily or permanently.

A plan — in short — like James’s.

Remember back to the goal of this keynote event:

We want to show you how you could
PROFIT from the clean energy transition

It’s unlikely that you’ll make any profit — at least not consistently — if you’re just taking wild swings into the renewables sector.

And one other thing…

James is being completely upfront and transparent about his performance here. You can see, out of 12 positions in total, there are four that he closed out at a loss.

Now, while I think that ratio is outstanding when you look at the winning positions here…

…and consider that there are an additional 21 open trades in the current portfolio…with 15 currently in the black…it’s still something we have to bring up.

There’s no ‘sure thing’ in investing. Anyone who tells you that is, frankly, dangerous and should be avoided.

When you invest in any new booming market or trend — even with the market on a hot streak like this one is — you are going to encounter losses. That’s the nature of investing.

If you aren’t comfortable with that, then what I’m going to tell you in a moment won’t be of any value to you.

But if you do understand that — and you are comfortable with it — you’ll know that, overall, this is an extremely impressive performance by James…

In fact, it’s even more impressive when you look at the size of his average winning closed trade versus the size of his average loser.

Check this out >>>

So we’re looking at an average winning position on all closed trades that’s very nearly 10 TIMES bigger than the average losing trade!

James, I’m running out of superlatives here!

So I think we’ll let some of your UK investors do the talking.

After all, they’re the ones who are benefitting directly from your advice…

Okay, now bear in mind that these are British investors, so they’re going to be talking in ‘pounds and pence’, but I think you’ll get the drift. This first one’s from C.Q. who writes…

I’m sitting on a £22,500 profit and my portfolio is up 140%. Not badI suspect it takes much hard work and dedication so thank you for that.

P.Mc. says…

Overall I’m in profit NET over £15,000 just on your recommendations alone. Thanks a LOT.’ 

S.P. writes:

What a magician you are! Another superb day yesterday with Workhorse going up like a rockettotal gain so far 478%. Wow! Unbelievable!

J.H. says:

Have doubled my money in about 6 weeks.

S.P. writes…

Your ability to pick winners is amazing – I have 17 of your recommendations in my portfolio with a total gain so far of 458%.

And D.H. says:

All told 377% profit so far.

Now, James, I’ve known you for, what, 15 years? And I know you’re a pretty humble guy. But you MUST be pleased when you get emails like this from your subscribers…


Yeah, it’s amazing.

I mean, it sounds a bit cheesy, but it’s by far the best part of the job, to get emails from my readers. And they’re coming in in droves recently. They’re a really nice bunch, and they’re a happy bunch.

They’ve done really well so far, but I really do think they’ll continue to do well.

Like I said earlier, I think my service is the only one of its kind in the UK. Many of my readers are seeing their portfolios go up, and they’re seeing how quickly the sector is moving.

It really is a very exciting and interesting space to be in.


Okay, well, if you’re sitting at home, let me just remind you that James’s number one renewable energy pick for the next 10 YEARS is only a few minutes away — so keep reading.

Imagine it does even HALF as well as some of his other stocks!

Remember, this recommendation is FREE.

You will walk away with it from this keynote event. So like I say, do stick around.

There’s still plenty to tell you first…and James, I wanted to cover another stock recommendation you’re releasing to Australian readers today…


Yes, Woody, this one is a super quick-fire trade with a target for getting in and out THIS YEAR.

It’s a unique kind of battery play. You’ll be investing in what’s known as a special purpose acquisition company or ‘SPAC’.

Sounds weird, but you can invest in these as you would in any other kind of equity.

This particular one is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

A SPAC is basically a company that’s formed to raise money through an initial public offering to buy another company.

This SPAC’s plan is to merge with a solid-state battery manufacturer that has signed a joint venture deal with a MAJOR German automobile manufacturer…

At the IPO — which is expected in late 2020 — the company is set to become the first US battery firm to go public in a decade.

My aim is to get you in ahead of the IPO

(There’s no firm date yet, but, like I say, it’s expected late this year.)

The idea is that the capital raised at the IPO will accelerate the development of this company’s solid-state battery tech, and the production of batteries at commercial scale.

Now, what’s so exciting about solid-state battery tech?

Well, they are reported to charge faster and go further on a single charge than current lithium-ion batteries…

Plus, production costs are estimated to be around 17% cheaper than the lithium-ion equivalent.

I know it may not be the kind of thing you’re used to, but this is a pretty smart battery play that I don’t expect many Australian investors would know about at the moment…

It might reassure you to hear that the people behind this SPAC are all vastly experienced in investment banking, particularly in the transportation sector. These guys know what they’re doing.

But this is still a risky, speculative play and there are no guarantees.

As such, I’m keeping a close watch on the stock and I expect we’ll be out of this fairly quickly after the IPO — which, of course, I expect to be a success.

I don’t want to say any more about this investment here, but I’ve put all the pertinent details — name, stock code, important dates…

…plus all my research into solid-state battery tech —

into a new report called Clean Tech SPAC Attack: One of the Best Speculative Battery Plays on the Market Right Now.

And again, you can download a copy today… In a few minutes’ time, in fact…


Okay, so to recap, there are TWO urgent clean energy stock reports that you can download today…

James just talked about one of those, titled: Clean Tech SPAC Attack: One of the Best Speculative Battery Plays on the Market Right Now.

And of course there’s the other one we talked about earlier, called: Two Australian Clean Energy Stocks to Buy Now.

This is your opportunity to a) check out James’s comprehensive research into the clean energy sector, and b) maybe take your first steps into this exciting world…


All three stocks in these reports are urgent BUY recommendations

And while there are no guarantees, you’ve seen for yourself what an exciting time this is for renewables stocks…

…and how several of them are already benefiting from an influx of capital flooding into the sector, while fossil fuel stocks fall away.

You can get both of these stock reports…plus all of James’s new renewable energy recommendations…AND all of his ongoing position management…if you join his brand-new Australian advisory service — NEW ENERGY INVESTOR — through this page, today.

Now, I’m going to go through exactly how this new service will work over the next few minutes. And how we’ll look after you.

But at a minimum, today you will get these three high-potential stock tips to start you off…

…and you’ll get a clean energy ‘starter portfolio’ containing six extra stock recommendations, which James has listed as ‘BUYs’.

So that’s NINE clean energy stocks, right off the bat.

Then, going forward from this point, you’ll get at least one new clean energy stock recommendation every month — most likely more. James is pumping them out at the moment.

And of course, don’t forget James’s number one renewable energy stock, which he’s going to tell you about shortly.

That’s yours too — regardless of what you decide to do in a moment.

But if you’ve been intrigued by what you’ve seen over the past couple of weeks, during our conference so far, and throughout today’s keynote event, I urge you to take advantage of the very special membership offer we’ve organised for you.

Now, this is, as far as I know, a FIRST in Australia.

It’s certainly a first for Port Phillip Publishing… We’ve never launched a purely energy-focused VIP investment service before.

But — as we’ve shown you pretty conclusively these past few days — the timing on this really couldn’t be any better. And the man at the helm really couldn’t be any better qualified, either.

James, I’m delighted you’re going to be helping Australian investors make sense of — and hopefully profit from — the potentially HUGE global decarbonisation trend over the coming months and years.

Maybe you could explain a little about what New Energy Investor is, and how you think you can help people watching make a lot of money as this trend gathers pace?


Sure thing, Woody. I’d be happy to.

New Energy Investor is my brand-new investment advisory service aimed squarely at Australian investors.

There’s nothing down here — as far as we know — designed to help private investors capitalise on this huge emerging megatrend…likely to be the biggest market disruption most people watching will ever see.

So anyone watching this keynote event — and who wants to get involved — will, I believe, have a big advantage.

Like you say, Woody, I have been immersed in this industry and market for more than 10 years… In many ways, I’ve been waiting for this moment!

That means I have a decade’s worth of experience, insight and contacts — all of which helps me zero in on the most exciting renewables companies, and the most promising investments — like many of the ones we’ve already shown you in this presentation.

So I’m really your man on the inside. And I’m working full-time to uncover these high-potential clean energy investments

But we also have a secret weapon: Selva Freigedo.

Selva is — in my view — one of the best…one of the smartest market analysts in Australia.

And Woody, when we first talked about launching an investment service with Port Phillip Publishing, I remember bugging you for weeks to see if we could get Selva involved.

Well, I’m delighted to say, she IS involved.

Selva knows the local scene in Australia really well… She has a handle on all of the complex political and corporate relationships when it comes to clean energy…

And, more importantly, she understands the market down here.

In fact, she has put me on to some exciting Aussie stocks that certainly could become recommendations in the coming weeks.

The way it’s going to work is very simple.

In many ways, Woody, you’re right — this IS more like a trading service. We’re not limiting ourselves to a certain number of tips a month, or anything like that.

There’ll be times when they come through thick and fast. This is just how it goes at the beginning of a megatrend.

Especially where you have existing businesses, industries and technology being upended at a rate of knots. So if you want to jump on board with us, expect plenty of action.

The other similarity to a trading service is in the size of the gains we’re swinging for.

Selva and I are aiming BIG here.

I don’t just want to help people make a few per cent here or there…

Remember, previous disruptions — in big oil…and internet technology — spawned stock gains that changed some people’s lives. Just think of Amazon, Google, Netflix, Facebook and Apple. These were disruptors that became dominators.

It might sound like a lofty goal, but I’m looking for the same kinds of companies to emerge in the renewables sector. I’m convinced the right stocks could — like disrupters before them — deliver huge gains to investors over the long term.

Now, I can’t guarantee I’ll find them. And I’m not saying every stock I share with you will rocket up.

But see here — this is a snapshot of what I’m working on right now. These are all open trades, many of them entered this year.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.


How would you feel about owning a portfolio that looked like this right now?

Again, I’m not going to promise you huge gains from every stock I recommend to you…

But I can promise you no one will work harder on your behalf to find these high-potential clean energy stock plays.

I’ve dedicated my career to hunting them down.

In the pursuit of these kinds of investment opportunities, I can pull every favour…speak to every contact I have in New York…London…and all over Europe and Asia.

And Selva is on the ground here in Australia, giving me a head start into the local scene.

In short…I’m pretty sure we can give you the absolute best chance of generating those returns.

Believe me — the potential here is worth it!


Now, just to be clear, what James is talking about here is high-risk investing.

The companies he and Selva are searching for are on the frontier of what we believe will be the next major market disruption.

Many of them are early stage. Small. Volatile.

The price swings can be extreme.

Also, many of these clean energy companies will be listed overseas — especially in the first instance — as the market for renewables is a little more developed outside of Australia. Although we’re all agreed that it’s unlikely to stay that way for long.

Don’t worry. We’ll make sure that you can invest in all of James’s new recommendations from Australia — provided you have an international trading account with your broker, which is pretty easy to set up.

But you need to understand that investing in overseas listed stocks opens you up to potential currency fluctuations.

Now, James, Selva and I talked this over and we believe that the currency risk is worth taking, on balance, because of the potential rewards on offer here.

Still, it’s something to be aware of.

Okay, all that said…

Let me explain how New Energy Investor works…

When it’s time for your next clean energy stock pick, you will get an email from either James or Selva (depending on the urgency of the situation).

This email will contain the name of the company, the sector it operates in, and the exchange it’s listed on.

You’ll get the stock code…buy limit…all in a full research report — so that you have all of the important detail on hand to make your decision.

While the position is open, you’ll hear from Selva if there’s any further action to take.

It may be that if the stock goes gangbusters — and we hope they all do — you’ll get an alert advising you to take some profit out of the stock.

James will monitor each open position while it’s live.

If something changes his views on the company’s potential…or if he feels the steam has gone out of the trade, he’ll issue a SELL alert by email.

Hopefully, at this point, you’ll be sitting on a nice, big profit!

As part of the service, you’ll also get regular email check-ins from Selva, with status updates on all of the current open positions in the New Energy Investor service…

These emails will let you know how each trade is travelling, what news and announcements are coming, and what you can expect from the company going forward.

Selva also has regular conversations with industry insiders and innovators on the frontline, driving this megatrend forward. Whenever she has her next meeting, usually via Zoom, you’ll be privy to a recording of that call.

It’s an added benefit of this VIP service.

Like we’ve been saying throughout this keynote event…

This feels like the perfect time to
take a position in this exciting sector

All our editors here are saying it.

All our conference guests are saying it too.

So if you want to get involved, scroll down and you’ll see a link at the bottom of this page that says: ‘Order Now’.

If you like what you’ve seen during our conference so far, and our keynote event today, click or tap on that link and you’ll be taken to a secure page where you can get started with New Energy Investor.

And don’t worry — we haven’t forgotten about your complimentary stock recommendation. That’s still to come.

So keep reading. We’re almost there!

But first, James, is there anything you want to add to what I just said?


I just want to make the point that my goal is to provide regular people — not professional investors, but REGULAR people — an easy way to invest in some of the most exciting, cutting-edge clean energy companies in the world.

These are companies they may never get to hear about otherwise.

I believe this service is one of the simplest ways to do that — and I’d encourage anyone who’s giving this some thought to scroll down, click the button, and take the next steps right away.

If you join New Energy Investor today, you can take advantage of a special offer package we’ve put together exclusively for conference viewers.

This is going to save you a lot of money, right off the bat…

…and puts you under no pressure to continue.

It basically means you can see my work, then decide if it’s for you.

Remember what we’re looking at here: An estimated $95 TRILLION in capital flooding into this sector between now and 2050.

I believe we’re at the moment of maximum potential for investors. COVID, as we’ve shown you, is accelerating this development.

And already the signs are that the investment community in Australia is swinging behind it.

So, just ask yourself…

‘Do I really want to walk away from potential like THAT?’


And this potential is starting to be realised already…

Here are several more of James’s UK members — investors who have been getting his clean energy recommendations — and it’s fair to say they’re pretty pleased with the way things are going so far…

The first one of these is from J.S. who says:

I am currently up just shy of £10k, thank you.

M.C.C. writes:

Sitting on a profit a whisker under 200%.

Paul emailed in to say:

Total Profit £4,767, all in 10 days or so. I am very happy, thank you.

This next one’s from G.W. who says:

Nikola470% gain and ITM760% gain. Thanks again for your excellent service.

D.S. writes…

Good Energy treated me very well. Including dividends, I gained 170%. I can certainly live with that…’

While S.P. says:

Overall on the 3 I’ve sold this year I’ve tripled my money.  Fantastic!

Now of course, we can’t guarantee this same kind of success in the future.

But for a second — just for a moment — imagine the impact this could have, not just on your brokerage account, but your life, during this uncertain time…

So, what does it cost to get involved, and get access to James’s urgent stock picks and any new recommendations in the New Energy Investor portfolio?

Well, as James just mentioned, to reflect a truly ground-breaking opportunity…

We want to make you a truly ground-breaking offer today

And we’ve arranged it so that you pay a LOT less than James’s UK members to get access to essentially the same service.

In Britain, James’s subscribers pay 1,997 pounds for a 12-month membership of James’s clean energy investment service.

That equates to roughly AU$3,600 a year.

But don’t worry. You won’t pay that.

Our official price to join New Energy Investor for 12 months is just


That’s an $1,100 discount on what the Brits pay.

And that gets you access to ALL of James and Selva’s upcoming GLOBAL clean energy stock recommendations — not just the Australian ones.

Now, given everything we’ve talked about today — in fact, not just today but throughout this conference, plus all the supporting material we’ve sent you these past couple of weeks — I’m sure you’ll agree that a subscription to New Energy Investor is worth every cent of that.

But…like I said, we’ve prepared a special deal for our Beyond Oil conference viewers.

So, for the next SIX DAYS, you can take AN EXTRA $1,000 OFF…

Scroll down now, click the link below where it says ‘ORDER NOW’…complete the short form on the next page…and you will pay just $1,499 to join James and Selva’s New Energy Investor service.

To be clear, this is a six-day-only offer.

So don’t put this off.

You will get a 12-month membership to New Energy Investor…which entitles you to every stock recommendation James and Selva put out over the next year.

A minimum, we hope, of 12 trades, but most likely more than that.

You’ll also get regular updates via email of all the open positions, plus a free download of James’s three urgent stock reports:

  1. Two Australian Clean Energy Stocks to Buy Now
  2. Clean Tech SPAC Attack: One of the Best Speculative Battery Plays on the Market Right Now
  3. The Six-Stock Clean Energy Starter Portfolio

Now, I’m sure I don’t need to convince you that you’re getting incredible value for money with this deal… So if your mind’s made up, scroll down, click the link and take it now.

Okay, there are two more things to tell you about before we get to James’s free stock recommendation…

The first is that your $1,499 membership fee is FULLY REFUNDABLE in the next 30 days, if you change your mind.

I want you to feel 100% confident in your decision today. So I’m shouldering the subscription risk for the first 30 days.

It means you can test out New Energy Investor however you want.

You don’t have to commit any money to any of James and Selva’s stock picks, if you don’t want to. You can just watch the market while the trade is open and see what happens — it’s up to you.

Just know that you have the option, at any stage in the next 30 days, to call our member services team and get your membership fee back — for whatever reason.

The second thing is what we call:

The ‘no pick, no penalty’ clause

Here’s how it works…

If, over the course of any calendar month, James and Selva don’t make at least one brand-new stock recommendation, we will add a month’s membership of New Energy Investor to the end of your term at no extra cost.

That’s unlikely to happen. Right now, as James attests, there are just so many opportunities out there in this field. But there may be a time when it’s prudent to exercise patience.

As publisher, I don’t want James or Selva to feel that they have to recommend something for the sake of it.

And even more importantly, I don’t want you to feel like you’ve paid a lot of money for something that you’re not getting the full value of.

The ‘no pick, no penalty’ clause gives us and you peace of mind…and it means you will get full value no matter what. Because if there’s no new stock that month, you get an extra month for free.

So, does this get you over the line?

Then hurry.

Scroll down, click the link at the bottom of this page — and you’ll get to take advantage of the special Beyond Oil conference deal to get New Energy Investor for the next 12 months at $1,000 off.

Again, you’ll pay just $1,499 for a membership that sells in the UK for the equivalent of $3,600 a year.

And James’s UK readers think that’s great value, by the way…

As British subscriber P.F. says:

Thank you very much for fantastic calls, definitely got my subscription money back many times over.

R.A.S. writes:

I only joined 5 weeks ago and am around 35% up on the portfolio.

J.P. had this to say…

I am delighted with the investment decisions to date, having bought shares in 10 of your recommendations – and achieved a gain of 28% in the first month of my membership.

While A.S. says:

I have 2 companies that have more than doubled and another 3 up over 50%, out of just 9 invested companies, and I’ve only been investing just over 6 weeks. That is phenomenal.

All right. That’s almost it from James and me.

As I keep saying, this feels really full of promise.

Like we’re on the cusp of something really big and with potentially incredible valuable.

It would be a real shame — knowing everything you know now — to miss out at this point

All you need to do is click where it says ‘Order Now’ at the bottom of this page.

Once you complete the short form on the next page, you’ll get instant access to the two urgent stock reports James told you about earlier…

…plus your clean energy ‘starter portfolio’ with six additional buy recommendations, all ready to go.

So that’s nine stocks in total, plus the free one you’ll get in a moment.

Going forward, you’ll get every new stock pick, and all the trade management from James and Selva — up to and including that all-important SELL recommendation.

And if you act in the next six days, you can get all of this for $1,000 off our regular annual membership fee.

James — final thoughts?

I know you’re going to reveal your number one clean energy stock in just a moment, but is there anything you want to add before we wrap things up here?


You know, what I say to investors here in the UK is that this transition is happening with or without you.

Doesn’t matter what the naysayers think.

The clean energy transition is happening, and it’s happening NOW.

That gives you a choice:

You can do nothing with this information, or you can act on it.

If you’re an investor looking for the next big growth market, I STRONGLY recommend you take the latter option.

In my opinion, and in the view of all the experts I talk to, you won’t get a better chance than right now.

We’re still on the flat side of the curve right now…but it really feels like this is about to take off. In my view, your timing couldn’t be better.

The best analogy I can give you is that the train hasn’t left the station yet, but the doors are closing.

Do you really want to be one of those people left on the platform holding yesterday’s stocks?

If you’ve nodded along through the conference, the next logical step is to take action.

Jump on the train with us, and let’s get going!


Okay. Thanks, James. That’s really a great note to end on.

I’ll just repeat to everyone that it really feels like we’re hitting the lift-off point for clean energy and renewables…and that’s always a good time to invest.

Our readers have been asking us to explore this opportunity.

It’s clear you want more energy investing research and ideas…and I’m delighted that we’re able to deliver something of such great quality and value to you.

James’s track record to date has been absolutely superb.

But, remember folks, you only have until the end of our conference. So that’s just five days — if you want to take advantage of our $1,000-off deal.

When the deadline passes, the price for a 12-month subscription will jump up to $2,499.

If you want to do this, and you act quickly, you can save yourself a lot of money.

Click or tap the button at the bottom of this page now to view our membership deals and to get started on your New Energy adventure.

Right. I’m going to sign off here, and throw over to James who is waiting to deliver his number one clean energy pick — a stock he says you should grab now…and hold on to for the next decade.

Thanks so much again for being with us, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the conference.


James Woodburn,
Host, Beyond Oil 2020

And now, it’s over to James…

James Allen’s Number One Clean Energy Stock


Okay. Thanks, Woody.

So the name of my number one clean energy stock is SolarEdge Technologies.

It’s listed on the NASDAQ, and its ticker symbol is SEDG.

You should be able to see this information in a box to your right here.

I think this is a stock that you can buy now and almost forget about over the next 10 years or so, as the great energy transition story unfolds.

Why do I think SolarEdge Technologies is such an exciting company?

Well, it makes a product called solar inverters.


  • Listed on the NASDAQ
  • Ticker symbol: SEDG
  • Buy now and hold for next 10 years
  • Order New Energy Investor now to get ongoing coverage
  • (Scroll down, click the ‘Order Now’ link)

Inverters convert the electricity that solar panels create into a form of power that’s usable by every appliance in your home.

And this company has a unique type of inverter that’s much more efficient and more optimised than the more traditional inverters out there on the market.

It has seen a great growth period already this year

But I think the future is very, very bright, and I believe the best is yet to come.

There’s no such thing as a slam dunk, of course. There are risks that this market is getting quite crowded, but I think SolarEdge Technologies is the premium product supplier in this market, and that’s why I like this company so much,

Although it’s listed on the NASDAQ, it’s a stock that should be straightforward for Australian investors to buy. The NASDAQ is a big liquid market in the US.

Now, if you do decide to subscribe to New Energy Investor, you’ll get ongoing coverage of this stock, including changes to the buy limit…and, if we think the story changes, maybe instructions to sell it as well.

So that’s something you need to be aware of.

If you don’t subscribe, you won’t receive ongoing coverage of this stock. You’ll have to decide for yourself any further action to take.

But really, this is just one stock that Selva and I are excited about.

There are more stocks popping up all over the place in the clean energy space.

If you join New Energy Investor, you’ll be hearing about these stocks on an ongoing basis.

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Thank you so much for watching today. I hope you found our presentation interesting. And I hope you enjoy the rest of the conference…


James Allen,
Beyond Oil 2020

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